Smart Thermostats

October 6, 2021

You may be wondering – a smart thermostat?

What’s the difference in comparison to a normal thermostat? Well, in the age of technological advances, even our thermostats are getting upgrades like the ability to control the temperature on your phone, easy customizable features, and more. Other notable advantages to having a smart thermostat include: 

  • Reduced Energy Cost
  • Tracked Energy Use
  • Build “Energy Profiles” Based on Usage
  • Remote Controllability
  • Schedule HVAC Usage

Now, there are a lot of smart thermostat options out there in the market right now. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which one is the perfect fit for you, which is why we have a few recommendations here:

  • Geofencing. The ability to sense when you’re home and auto apply its customized settings. 
  • Alert Settings. Send out alerts when the temperature becomes too cold or hot. 
  • Remote Adjustment. Allows for remote controllability even when you’re not home. 

If you’re still not sure, feel free to book an appointment with us and we’ll gladly help! In fact, for any thermostat repairs you need, we can come out and get you settled. Thermostats usually last about 10 years, so if you notice any of these signs you may be due for a replacement:

  • Thermostat is not responding at all. 
  • Your HVAC does not shut off. 
  • The room temperature and settings don’t match. 

Get your thermostat checked stat before the full-on fall weather comes blowing our way. Give us a call at (425) 650-0948!


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