Symptoms of Furnace Issues

September 15, 2021

Cold weather is coming faster than you may expect, which begs the question – are you prepared?

Or, more specifically, is your home prepared? The place where warmth and comfort should be prominent might have some issues if you haven’t checked on/used your furnace in a while. And considering the sweltering heat Washington experienced this summer, you probably fur-got about it! Well, we’re here to help you spot the signs that your furnace needs repair to prepare for fall. 

Here are the more common symptoms:

  • Since your furnace has been sitting idly for a while, it might have difficulty powering on. The system needs repairs if you’ve been trying to start it up all day. 
  • If your furnace isn’t spreading enough heat throughout your house (or any heat at all), then it’s not completing it’s core responsibility and needs repairs. 

Other noticeable symptoms include: 

  • Although it’s normal for you to smell fuel or some odors as the system is starting up, it usually dissipates as the unit runs. Persistent, strong odors is a significant sign that your furnace is in trouble. 
  • Many people can easily look over this, but a pilot light can greatly help in discovering issues with your furnace. A blue pilot light is a good sign, while a yellow pilot light indicates a possible ventilation issue. 
  • Normal running sounds of the furnace shouldn’t cause concern, but loud and continuing noises like squealing or hissing could indicate an issue with the fan or belt. 

Running into any of these symptoms can cause stress, but we’re here to alleviate that! Book an appointment with us today for a furnace specialist to come out and inspect your system. Call us at (425) 650-0948 and look around our website for more information on furnace services we provide!


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