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Let’s Talk About Air Duct Cleaning

To ensure your ducts do not get clogged, cleaning them consistently is recommended. While most building owners think of cleaning the filters, the duct system is just as important to make sure that your filters last longer, strain on your system is reduced and your air quality is maintained. 



Reduce Allergy Symptoms from Pet Dander, Dust Mites and other Allergens 


Cleaner Ducts = Easier Breathing


Reduced Strain on your HVAC System


Clean Ductwork = More Attractive to Homebuyers


Clean Ductwork increases the life of your HVAC System

How To Know If Your Ducts Need Cleaning


Strange Duct Noises


Potential Pest Issues Such as Mice in the Ductwork


Airflow Between Rooms is Not Consistent


You See Mold Buildup In or Around Your HVAC Unit


You See Dust Covering Your Vents

Benefits of Duct Sealing

There are many things a home owner can do to maintain indoor quality. Check out this list here to see what you can do to stay ahead of the game!


Better Airflow

Airflow is the key to comfort and making sure that your temperatures are where they need to be. Unsealed ducts allow for air to be pushed to uneven areas of your building. 

Reduced Energy Bills

A domino effect. The more sealed the duct, the less your system has to work. The less your HVAC has to work, the more you save on your bill. 

Cleaner Evaporator Coil

A wet, dirty EVAP coil can create odors, and even mold spores which are unhealthy to breathe. A sealed system can prevent your HVAC from bringing in dust from basements or attics that have more contaminants. 

Why Choose Home Squad?

Other than being your appliance repair super heroes here are just a few reasons why you should choose Home Squad technicians to take care of your appliance repair needs.

No Shortcuts

Thorough and to the rescue! Our licensed technicians use only OEM factory parts for any appliance repair.

Straight Forward Pricing

All of our jobs are priced on a bid basis. What does this mean? Instead of a flat, hourly fee and appointment pricing, we come in and assess the job, then provide our customers with the bid for the project. 

"Kind and on time"

We pride ourselves on always being to our calls within the scheduled appointment time. With our 30 minute ETA calls, branded vehicles, uniforms, and our "Can Do" attitude, Home Squad is a cut above the competition!

Safety focused

All of our technicians undergo CDC guideline training and have been vaccinated for your safety. Technicians also wear masks when applicable. 

How We Work

Before we get started, let's give you an overview of how we operate.

Schedule your appointment

Give us a call and tell us your appliance problem! We'll get you on the schedule and get a technician out to you as soon as possible!


Get your estimate

Once our technician arrives and diagnoses your problem they'll provide you with an estimate for the scope of the work. Choose to go with our estimate that same day and your initial service fee is waived!

Schedule Your repair

If our technician can't repair your appliance on the spot then we'll order the parts and give you a call when they're in to get your repair finished!