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With a combined experience of over 50 years, our licensed professionals are skilled in fixing your problems.

Appliance Repair

Broken Washer? Broken Dryer? Broken Dishwasher? Let's face it, if you've got a broken appliance, our pros can take care of it!

Commercial HVAC

From small businesses to large factories - at Home Squad, size doesn't matter. Our technicians can handle it all.


Have a ceiling fan that needs replacing? Lights that need mounting? We're licensed, certified and ready to go!


Need an inspection? An estimate? We'll scale any project and make sure it's done with the utmost care.


Winter is coming. In the Pacific Northwest it's always right around the corner. If you're feeling chilly and need to warm up our techs are ready to serve you.


Let's chill! No, really, when the temps are too hot to handle we can cool you down! Ductless mini splits, emergency repairs, installations and more, we'll keep you cool where others can't.

Why Choose Home Squad

Licensed & Insured

No matter the job, all our technicians are licensed and insured for their protection and yours.

Prompt and Professional

Our technicians are on time, courteous and professional. With our “ETA Calls”, parts check ins, and follow up calls we make sure that our customers are informed, always. 

Affordable, Honest, Experienced

Our no-nonsense pricing helps insure that our quality of work remains a cut above the competition. 

Look at what our clients are saying!

We know it's cliché to say we're your home super heroes, but our clients think we are and that's what matters. 

"I had a comfort specialist from Bothell Furnace Service come out and they replaced my old furnace with a new one! I was freezing for a week waiting for different company but finally called someone else. They were able to get someone out the same day! The new furnace was installed the next following day and Im so glad to have my heat on again! Definitely Recommending!"

Noel Salvacion

Google Review

"I have just experienced the best service I could ask for from a Company. This is the first time I have ever called a repair company for one of my appliances, My refrigerator/freezer. I was concerned I would not be able to afford the repairs due to my financial situation. I was so full of dread when I called this the company (Home Squad USA)I was full of dread they would not help me. Too my surprise and gratitude, the office staff who took my call listened to my concerns and they even made accomidations [sic] for my financial woes. They were able to set up an appointment for a few hours after my call on the same day. The Chief of Field Operations Alfred Salvacion, called when he was on his way to give me an ETA of when he was going to arrive. When he got here he was very professional, pleasant, and willing to explain to me what the issue was. It took Alfred Salvacion just a short amount of time to fix the loose wire fan and the defrost issue my freezer had. I was so mortified about the condition my freezer looked like after he removed the bottom cover of the freezer, but Alfred reassured me it was no big thing. After fixing and replacing the part, he brought out a steamer and he cleaned the inside of the freezer, Alfred made it look brand new, and then he pulled the fridge away from the wall undid the back panel and cleaned the area where the coils are at. This is my first and best experience. Thank you Home Squad USA

Valarie McKinsey

Google Review

"Where could I start?! The boys at Home Squad came in and fixed my washer after it went on the fritz. I can honestly say that their technician Vinnie and their CSR Alexis were both pleasures to work with and speak with! I was 100% comfortable with their technician in my home and if any of my other appliances go off the rails in the future (crossing my fingers it wont), I'll be calling the Home Squad crew to rescue my appliances again."

Payton Standfill

Yelp Review